MIKITA HASE, born and grew up in Shizuoka Japan, began playing TAIKO at age 8. In his amateur period till age 23, he began to compose several original TAIKO pieces, teach to children, challenge to TAIKO performing contest, and form a new group “RYU-IN DAIKO (DRAGON-SOUND TAIKO ENSEMBLE)” in Shizuoka University.


HASE started his professional carrier in 1998. In 2000, he formed a new TAIKO ensemble unit “YO-SORO”. YO-SORO had many concert and live performance including various events, show and movies not only in Japan but also USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. He also makes composition and direction for the stage of Yo-soro.


HASE joined Eitetsu Hayashi Ensemble in 2000, who is the pioneer of TAIKO solo performance. Hase toured around the world as one of the main player of Eitetsu`s ensemble.


Hase plays with many various artists, KABUKI actor, Jazz musician, classic symphony, DJ, Samurai sword performer, Spanish dance company, BUTOH dance company and etc. He is trying to make new performing arts with them. As another his lifework, he continues teaching how to play TAIKO, including the history of TAIKO and Japanese culture to kids and adults, amateur and professional, groups and personal all over the world. 



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